Need to access your guest list on the go? No problem, check out the steps below to see how simple that is. 

Step One: 

Once you've signed in, click on your face (that sounds weird) and select your shop page. 

Step Two:

Next, on your shop page, you should be able to see 'Guest Lists' in the top navigation, click on that. 

Step Three:

Here you can see an overview of your ticket sales, to see the full guest list simply click on the arrow beside the date. 

Step Four:

Et voilà, here's your guest list. You can see your guests names and their dietary requirements. If you need to contact your guests before your event, simply let us know and we can send an email out on your behalf. 

If you have any questions or can't see any of this when you log in, simply click on the chat icon below and let us know. 

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