Step One:

Each event has to be reviewed by the team before it goes live. Old and new hosts can submit an event by clicking the button below. 

Step Two:

Please give us as much information as possible. The more information we have the quicker we can upload your event and start selling tickets. If you have any questions while submitting your event, let us know at 

Step Three:

Your event will then be reviewed, a member of the team may have a few questions so make sure to add to your contacts so you don't miss them. Once we're happy your event can then be activated. 

Step Four:

You will be able to view your event, ticket sales, guest list and any dietary requirements by logging in. See more about creating your account here. 

Step Five:

Once your event is live it's your time to share it. Make sure to tag us in posts and use the link to your event to drive people to buy tickets. If you are selling tickets on multiple sites we do recommend tagging each site in your posts. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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