Thanks so much for offering to contribute your delicious recipes – we can't wait to share them with the Tabl community. Here are a few of our ideas for making them as appetising and user-friendly as can be. 

The Photo

Remember, this is what will set your reader's tastebuds tingling. Take your photos in natural light and consider the dish's surroundings – could you throw a pretty tea towel over the stain on your kitchen table, for example? The photos need to be high res, and ideally cropped square.  

The Description

This is the place for you to share the story behind your recipe – what inspired you to create it, what you like to serve it with, how it can be adapted depending on what's in season etc. 

Here's an awesome example of a photo and description by Joey O'Hare of Hare on the Hill

The Method 

This needs to be simple and easy to follow – keep it short and snappy and break it up into numbered steps. 

The Little Details

Don't forget the little details that will make your reader's life easier:

  1. How long the recipe takes
  2. How many people it serves
  3. Whether you'd rank your recipe as easy, medium or hard. 
  4. If your recipe uses an oven, be supply the temperature in °C, and be sure to specify whether it's for a fan or conventional oven. 

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