1. Use Natural Light 

 If you use artificial light you will most likely create an aura of orangey/yellow around the food which with some exceptions can look quite unappetising.  

2. Choose the right Angle

With most plated food bird’s eye view is usually the best way to show off the whole dish. However with drinks or things in jars or packets try experimenting with side angles.

3. Use space

It’s always a good idea to leave some blank/negative space in the photo. This draws the eye to the content you are trying to show off. Top tip is to angel things towards the object which also draws attention. 

However some up close and personal food shots can be delicious, so try both and get some friends and family opinions. 

4. Less is more

Let the food or packaging speak for itself, get some key items in the shot and leave it at that. Get some contrasting colours and make the photo pop but don’t go overboard. Have a simple background. 

5. Filters and editing

Remember that you want the food and products to look as natural as possible so go easy on the filters and edits.

(Remember to try things out and experiment, ask your friends and family which ones they like best. Feedback is the best way to know what works)

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